School Events


​Our rates vary depending on your event date and the type of setup you choose. Typically, our rates range between $200 - $500. We will always beat our competition when comparing similar setups.

Are you tired of the same DJ, dance after dance? Most schools use the same company every time they have an event, and that gets old after a while. We don't want to be your regular guy (seriously). We are the DJ company you call when you are looking to do something big, something special or something different. 

We have all of the newest music, a powerful sound system and a full lighting and video package that combine to create a high-impact event for your school. Our lighting packages include DMX scanners, lasers and an industrial-strength blacklight. We can even provide you with a rear-projection screen for music videos, live text-to-screen messaging and the ability to "shadow dance" behind the screen.

Contact us today to learn more and to compare our rates to your "regular guy". You may be surprised at how affordable our services can be. Scroll down for additional information about our rates and options.

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​We use the best DJ equipment in the industry. We can bring a true "club-style" sound and lighting experience to your school. Our DJs have experience with beat-mixing and scratching.


​We purchase new music every week. Our music collection contains over 50,000 songs and we have immediate access to 2 million additional tunes online. Yeah, we've got that song!