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Most of our wedding reception customers have three basic questions about our DJ equipment: Is it reliable, does it sound great, and does it look nice? We have been a Vermont Wedding DJ company since 1992 and our equipment has always been an integral part of our success as a DJ company. If the following paragraphs don't answer all of your questions, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

1. We use dependable, professional-grade equipment and we update it frequently. We are committed to using the best gear because our equipment must be as reliable as your DJ. On site, we have four redundant ways to play music. If one system fails, we can immediately switch to a backup and nobody will even know. Equipment failures are incredibly rare, but your event is important enough to warrant emergency backups. The versatility of our equipment also allows us to immediately accommodate any last-minute or emergency needs.

2. Our equipment sounds great! Our DJs are experts at sound wave propagation. We understand how sound behaves in different locations (tents, halls, barns, outside, etc.). At every event, we use the following tools and adjustments to make sure you get excellent sound out of our system: pre-and post-effect equalizers, feedback elimination, multiple active crossovers, compression, filters, subharmonics and delays. Before each event, we use a calibrated reference microphone and "pink noise" to analyze your venue and make sure everything is perfectly adjusted. These steps take us far beyond the capabilities of other Vermont DJs, and they result in a perfect mix of volume and tone throughout your venue.

3. Our equipment looks neat and organized. You've probably spent considerable time decorating your venue. The last thing you want is a big, ugly DJ setup with wires and boxes everywhere. Our setups are clean, professional-looking and minimalist in design and space requirements. 

Here are a few commonly asked questions about our equipment:

1. Do you have wireless microphones? 

Yes, we have two wireless and two wired microphones at each event. We can bring up to eight wireless microphones at no additional charge if you need them. We use Shure microphones.

2. Can you hike to a remote site to provide music and microphones during our event? 

We have lightweight, battery powered systems that can be carried "off the grid" for ceremonies in unique locations.

3. Uncle Bob couldn't make it to Vermont for our event, but he really wants to be able to participate in some way. Can you do a video web broadcast of our event? 

Yes, we have lots of easy options for this and we can usually do it for free. We can broadcast your event to a web audience or set up a two-way web broadcast. We did an event once where the best man had a last-minute emergency and couldn't attend the event. We set up a projector screen and he gave his toast live over the internet.

4. Can you accommodate live musicians?

Absolutely. We can help them with sound amplification and even record them if they allow this. Soundrock DJs are not just DJs. We are sound experts with the equipment and experience to do almost anything your event requires.

Soundrock DJ has the equipment and experience to accommodate any audio or lighting needs you can imagine and we can often do these things for no additional charge. Think big! We love challenges!

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